natural ventilation polyhouse

Natural Ventilation Polyhouse

Approx: 844 / Per Square Meter

Minimum order quantity: 1000 Square Meter

Features: eco friendly , Easy to use

Structure: Gelonise Pipe

Built Type: GI Structure

Type: All

Gutter Height: 4 to 5.5 Mtr

Pattern: Shri Ji

Manufactured by: Shri ji Irrigation

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India Government will be provide five type of Natural Ventilation Polyhouse

  1. Natural Ventilated Polyhouse

  2. Poly house

  3. Fan Pad Polyhouse

  4. Polyhouse vs Greenhouse

  5. Agriculture polyhouse farming

As a provider of Natural Ventilation Polyhouse, we offering clients to participate actively to involve.

  1. Natural Ventilated PolyhouseNaturally Ventilated polyhouse structure mostly use in India, In crop Vegetables as like cucumber, capsicum and tometo and flowriculture, This is the most basic and traditional type of polyhouse. In this type, there is very minimal control of climatic change. Your plants and crops are mainly at the mercy of the climatic conditions prevailing outside. Although there are a few helping aids like fogger, drip irrigation system, ventilation control polyhouse, and pest control system, they are still not enough to yield off-season crops. polyhouse cost 844 Rs.per square meter in 1 acre polyhouse cost 33,76,000 Rs. Natural ventilated polyhouse top side one meter ventilation for polyhouse to hot air outside in polyhouse. 


    natural ventilation polyhouse
    Natural Ventilation Polyhouse


  2. Poly house: A polyhouse is a type of specialized structure that utilizes the controlled climate condition for the growth of different plants and other farming needs. We use polythene sheets to cover the structure and separate the internal environment from that of the outside. poly house is mostly climate controlled system using fogger and top sprinkler. farmer is start new business in agriculture poly house, to start polyhouse farming. most important topic for polyhouse sheet, 200 micron sheet use in polyhouse farming structure. polyhouse sheet is control – Anti dust, anti fog, light diffuse, uv- blocking system, are available in polyhouse sheet, this sheet is installed in poly house.  polyhouse farming price 750 Rs.


    poly house


  3. Fan Pad Polyhouse: They are the more sophisticated types of polyhouses. Fitted with some of the very useful added features including but not limited to, sunlight control, humidity, temperature, etc. These polyhouses prolong the crop period and you can also get some of the most exotic off-season varieties from them. Such polyhouse are also used in areas to produce crops that are otherwise uncultivatable in those regions. fan pad polyhouse to one wall use pad for Colling and poly house second wall is use for fan, fan is control a temperature in polyhouse. 


    Fan pad polyhouse
    Fan pad polyhouse with drip irrigation system


  4. Polyhouse vs Greenhouse : One of the questions that we get quite often is that what is the difference between a greenhouse and a polyhouse. Today we will make this clear and put this confusion to rest. A polyhouse is essentially a greenhouse. It can also be regarded as a type of greenhouse.

    Traditionally the greenhouses were made with green-colored sheets to act as a roof. Then with advancement, we were introduced to more reliable plastic sources such as polythene. The success of this new polythene in a greenhouse as well as its low cost made it a material of choice. That is how this type of greenhouse got a new name, i.e., polyhouse.

  5. Agriculture polyhouse farming :know days farmer is done low cost polyhouse with drip system, polyhouse farming is basically commercial project for batter production. 

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