UPVC Solvent

UPVC Solvent

UPVC Solvent Uses and Benefits

The uses and benefits of UPVC solvent make it the perfect product to use around the home or in your business. There are several uses of UPVC solvent, from helping to seal leaks to protecting important electrical appliances from damage. 

UPVC Solvent Cement is extensively used in PVC pipes and fittings as an adhesive, for fabrication of PVC Doors, windows, cabinets, etc and for jointing pipes to fittings.

Why use UPVC solvent in Construction

There is no need for welding or metalwork as joint fittings are attached and sealed with solvent cement. All you need is a one-stop solvent to provide a 100% leak proof joint.

Use of UPVC Solvent in House

It might be helpful when building or renovating your home, too! Solvent makes it easier to bond masonry materials: if you’re looking to tile your roof or walls, then using a solvent with silicon will help them blend together more easily. They’ll also stand up better against weather changes.

This helps to ensure that they’ll last longer while also looking pristine even after time has passed! Both are essential elements for ensuring value over time in most construction endeavours.

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