Agriculture Poly house

Agriculture Poly house

Approx: 844 / Per Square Meter

Minimum order quantity: 2000 Square Meter

Features: Easily Assembled, Eco Friendly

Structure: Galvanized Structure

Built Type: Modular

Type: Agriculture Polyhouse

Gutter Height: 4 Meter to 4.5 Meeter

Pattern: Shri Ji

Manufactured by: Shri ji Irrigation

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The poly house is made of GI pipe and polyethylene film structure, which gives us a favourable environment to grow vegetables, flowers, plants in the offseason, in which temperature, humidity is controlled and the plants are protected from parabolic rays from the sun, There is heat outside, causing vegetables and flowers to grow quickly.

What is poly house and why need its price prediction?

The Poly house construction is a structure of GI pipe that is completely covered with the help of polyethylene film, heat can be reduced with the help of polyethylene and shade net when the temperature is high, the shede net can be opened, and closed. , Manual and automation.

Apron paper is also used in arboretum so that rainwater does not flow during the rains.

The poly house manufacturer is covered with an insect trap to prevent insects from coming out.

The cost of drip irrigation from the poly house is Rs 844 per square meter and Rs 700 without drip irrigation.
1-acre poly house farming cost 3376000.

Poly House Farming

Agriculture Poly house farming has a drip irrigation system and fogger, with the help of which we supply water to plants and temperatures. Can band drip irrigation systems and automation with WiFi, Internet, and Bluetooth.

Glasshouse & Polyhouse Define Size 

After 2021, the poly house in India can be a minimum of 256 and a maximum of 30000 square meters and the even bigger plant-house has provide very useful in Rajasthan Government of India has provided poly house subsidy scheme and loan for farmers and traders in poly hoop house & pop house .

A government poly is priced at Rs 844. Rajasthan House is providing the list of approved coolhouse suppliers.

Shri Ji creates a low-cost poly house & customised structure for farmers so that farmers can get maximum profit.


poly house
Poly House

Poly house for coming future

  • There is more control over pests and insects are your crops are less prone to lose due to them.
  • The quality of the crop is relatively much higher.
  • External environmental factors have little or no effect on the crops. Crops have a more favorable environment available for growth which eventually translates into higher profits.
  • Fertilizer application becomes much easier, you can even use automated systems to makes sure each plant is getting a definite amount of fertilizer for optimum growth.
  • Reduced cropping period helps farmers to get 2 or 3 corps per year.
  • Polyhouse can have more efficient drainage and aeration mechanisms.
  • More production of CO2 in a polyhouse is useful for plant growth.


My View Agriculture Polyhouse Farming

If invested properly and managed well, these polyhouses can become your next big earning markets. They provide a convenient and more controlled way of farming so consequently;

They have relatively low risk as compared to traditional farming. The need is to focus on training farmers to changes their traditional ways which will not only help them yield higher profits but will also boost up our economy. If utilized properly, polyhouse farming can get us enough yield to boost our agricultural exports.

This was all on the basic introduction of polyhouse farming. We will add more detailed articles on the advantages, disadvantages, and Do’s and Don’ts of polyhouse farming very soon.

If you have any other questions regarding poly house farming or this article, feel free to let us know. You can even leave your quarries in the comment section below and we will be glad to help you out. Till then, peace.


Agriculture Poly House Material / Poly House Material List
S No. GI Pipe  Plastic Poly Film Shade Net  Insect Net Apron
1. 27 OD 200 Micron HD Material HDPE Material HDPE Material
2. 32 OD Anti-dust Tape x Tape 40 Mesh Transparent
3. 42 OD Anti-fog 105 GSM 105 GSM 140 GSM
4. 48 OD IR-colling UV – Protected Ultra Violate UV – Stabilized 
5. 60 OD light diffuser Shade Factor 50% Shade Factor 15% No Shade Factor
6. 76 OD UV – Stabilized  4.2 Meter  3 Meter 1.5 Meter
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Agriculture Poly house
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Agriculture Poly house
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