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7 Tips to Choose the Best Shade Net for Your Greenhouse

Shade net, also known as shade cloth, are one of the most important accessories you can add to your greenhouse. They can significantly increase the temperature and humidity in your growing environment while protecting your plants from unwanted pests and insects.

What is a Shade Net?

It’s therefore vital that you choose the right shade net for your greenhouse to ensure that your plants get the ideal conditions needed to thrive and grow strong roots and stems, yielding bountiful harvests of healthy crops in the future. Here are some tips on how to choose the best shade net for your greenhouse.

Why Use Shade Net?

Greenhouses are great places to grow plants, but they need protection from the elements. With proper greenhouse shade netting in place, you can provide your plants with all the light they need while protecting them from the sun’s harmful UV rays and temperature fluctuations.

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Shade Net

Here are seven tips to help you choose the best shade nets for your greenhouse.

1. Know your Needs-

The first step in choosing a shade net is knowing what kind of greenhouse you have. Greenhouses with a ridge pole will require a different shade net than those without one, so make sure to check your greenhouse before shopping. If you’re not sure how it works on yours, give us a call and we can help!

Choosing the right Shade Net Manufacturer-

Greenhouses also come in various heights, which determines how many tiers of shade netting are needed—and since each layer requires heavy-duty supports that attach to your greenhouse frame or lattice panels, be sure that there’s enough room in front of and behind the structure.

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Greenhouses attached to poles don’t require as much width between supports because they don’t need extra stability, but if they overhang patios or walkways additional space might be required.

Pole-attached greenhouses are also usually wider than freestanding structures because they need extra space at either end to allow for proper installation. You may also want to use mulch underneath your support system if you live in an area where winds can pick up easily.

2. Understand How Different Shades Work

First and foremost, make sure you understand how different shades work. Let’s take shade cloth as an example: there are many types of these on the market. Some use PVC and others don’t. Some allow sunlight through (they aren’t totally opaque) and others don’t; these ones let some light but keep heat from escaping as much as possible.

Green net roll Variations-

And so on—there are tons of variations! Before you go shopping, do your research so that you know what kind will work best for your situation. And also consider things like airflow, snow build-up, wind damage, etc.; each type of netting is different in terms of how it will handle these issues.

You can even choose more than one kind if it makes sense to do so! Remember, you want something that keeps your plants safe while letting them get enough sunlight.

3. Look at Prices

Investigate different manufacturers’ prices before you choose a manufacturer. Sometimes, even if you find a net that you love, it may be too expensive—and there are plenty of good news out there that don’t cost an arm and a leg.

Don’t overlook material quality either; most people expect their shade nets to last at least two seasons, so check into how durable they are. You wouldn’t want yourself or anyone else at work wasting time trying to fix them over and over again during peak production times!

4. Consider Shipping Costs

Whether you’re buying a large shade net for a warehouse or a commercial greenhouse, it’s important to be an informed buyer. Just because something is sold as greenhouse netting doesn’t mean it will work well in your space.

In fact, sometimes there are different shades of nets that work better in different settings. It pays to read reviews from other customers and find out if their experiences match your own.

5. Read Customer Reviews

If you’re shopping online, it can be hard to choose which shade nets is best for your needs. It might be tempting to pick out one that looks good on your screen, but if it isn’t of high quality or resistant enough, you could find yourself with a broken greenhouse in no time. The safest bet is to check customer reviews before you purchase any product.

These are often real people talking about their experience with it and how well it worked for them. Asking questions about what they liked and disliked will help give you an idea about what shade net would work best for your needs.

6. Don’t Rush to Order

While shade nets are durable, they can be susceptible to tears. Always make sure you have extra netting handy if you plan on installing it yourself. It’s also important that your greenhouse is installed correctly because damage or poor installation could affect how well your shade networks.

An improperly installed or poorly constructed greenhouse won’t protect plants from harsh sunlight, wind, rain, and snow as effectively as a greenhouse that has been expertly designed and constructed. Additionally, some nets will need supports in order to hold up their structure; in most cases, these supports must be purchased separately.

Install your shade net-

Make sure you don’t skimp out on supports by purchasing cheap ones—you want to keep your plants safe! Otherwise, even an excellent net may not perform as expected. The best thing you can do is prepare before you install your shade network by researching what material type will work best for your project and reading up on any tips other growers might have shared online.

7. Be Ready for Installation Issues

While prepping your greenhouse for shade nets installation, look over your project to find potential issues. For example, you should make sure that your greenhouse is free of large holes or cracks; it may not be suitable for shade netting if there are significant flaws.

Taking care of these problems before you start will help prevent issues during installation and later on. If you can’t fix them ahead of time, consult a professional who can help with repairs after installation is complete.


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