poly house loan

Poly house Loan

Approx: 844 / Per Square Meter

Minimum order quantity: 1000

Features: eco friendly , Easy to use

Structure: Gelonise Pipe

Built Type: GI Structure

Type: All

Gutter Height: 4 to 5.5 Mtr

Pattern: Shri Ji

Manufactured by: Shri ji Irrigation

Purpose of Poly house loan

  • India Government & Rajasthan Government will be provided poly house subsidies for polyhouse farming available poly house loans.
  • The government will provide a 50% subsidy on Polyhouse Farming & Shade net farming.
  • Central Government will provide the complete project cost to give 50% subsidy as – Poly house Structure, Polyhouse drip farming, Shade net house, Fan Pad polyhouse, plastic mulching, Pack House, Labaur Quator, Etc. to support subsidy.

List of documents for a poly house loan.

1. Applicant

1. Self-attested PAN card / Voter Card if available
2. Self-attested Aadhaar of Applicant. In case of non-possession to follow the procedure prescribed DAC&FW vide F.No.18-38/2018- MIDH (AAP) Dated 1st August 2018.
3. In the case of Company/Society/ Trust / Partnership firm  – Registration Certificate, MoA, BoD resolution permitting investment proposal.
4. Caste certificate in case of SC and Certificate in case of ST- self-attested.
5. Undertaking from Promoter/ Applicant in prescribed format.

2. Land

6. Project Land ownership in the name of Applicant with clear survey No. and Plot. In case the land ownership details are not in Hindi, the applicant has to submit an English version of the same self-attested by the applicant (or) Registered land lease with clear survey  No.  and Plot on the name of Applicant and entry in RoR with the latest record self-attested. In case the land lease details are not in Hindi, the applicant has to submit an English version of the same self-attested.
7. If the applicant is one or a few of the joint owners of project land then NOC from other co-owners indicating the share of each co-owner to be submitted.
8. In the case of a Partnership firm, if the land is owned by one of the partners, an undertaking by land owners/partners would be required stating that he will not withdraw, sell or transfer his land during the currency period of the project.
9. In the case of North East/Sikkim States, the Land Possession Certificate issued by the Government to the applicant shall also qualify.
10. A copy of TSP Area Notification- self-attested

3. Project

11. Detail Project Report (on the suggestive lines of NHB  Model DPR Templates)
12. Site layout plan (Blueprint) in case of Ripening Chamber/ Primary Processing/ Cold Storage schemes prepared by Chartered Engineer.
13. Basic Data Sheet including heat load calculation in case of Cold Storage, Ripening chamber & Refer Van schemes where ever applicable.
14. Technical standard/specification in prescribed format in case of Protected cultivation i.e. Poly house & shade net house
15. Compliance with Protocols where ever applicable

Loan Application Process for Polyhouse Loans:

Applying for a Polyhouse loan is a simple process. Follow this step-by-step guide to understand the required documentation, eligibility criteria, and the application review process:

  1. Check Eligibility:

    • Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria set, including age, income, employment history, and credit score requirements.
  2. Gather Documentation:

    • Collect the necessary documents for your loan application:
      • Valid identification (e.g., passport or driver’s license)
      • Proof of income (e.g., recent pay stubs, bank statements, or tax returns)
      • Employment details (employer name, contact information, and duration of employment)
      • Credit history (credit reports and scores)
      • Collateral information (if applicable)
  3. Complete Application Form:

    • Fill out the loan application form accurately and provide detailed information however about your personal, financial, and employment details.
    • Review the form for any errors or omissions before submission.
  4. Submit Application:

    • Submit your completed application form and supporting documents to Polyhouse. however This can typically be done online through their website or by visiting a branch in person.
  5. Review Process:

    • Polyhouse will review your application and supporting documents to assess your creditworthiness, income stability, employment history, and other relevant factors.
    • The review process may take some time, depending on the loan type and the volume of applications.
  6. Loan Decision:

    • Polyhouse will inform you of their loan decision, which can be approval, conditional approval with additional requirements, or denial.
    • You will receive details about the loan amount, interest rate, and repayment terms if approved.
  7. Loan Disbursement:

    • If your loan application is approved, Polyhouse will disburse the funds.
    • The approved loan amount will be transferred to your designated bank account or provided through an agreed-upon method.

Remember, the loan application process may vary slightly based on the specific loan type and Polyhouse’s policies. For detailed instructions and specific requirements, it is advisable to contact us directly or refer to their website.

Interest Rates and Repayment Terms for Polyhouse Loans:

Polyhouse offers competitive interest rates and flexible repayment options for its loans. Here is information about the interest rates, repayment terms, and options available to borrowers:

  • Interest Rates:

    • Polyhouse provides both fixed and variable rate options for its loans.
    • Fixed Interest Rates: The interest rate remains constant throughout the loan term, providing borrowers with predictable monthly payments.
    • Variable Interest Rates: The interest rate fluctuates based on market conditions, which can result in varying monthly payments.
  • Repayment Terms:

    • Polyhouse offers flexible repayment terms based on the loan type and amount, allowing borrowers to choose a duration that suits their financial situation.
    • Repayment terms can range from a few months to several years, depending on the loan type and amount.
    • Shorter repayment terms may have higher monthly payments but result in lower overall interest payments.
    • Longer repayment terms may have lower monthly payments but result in higher overall interest payments.
  • Repayment Options:

    • Polyhouse provides various repayment options to accommodate borrowers’ preferences and financial capabilities.
    • Monthly Payments: The most common repayment option, where borrowers make fixed monthly payments throughout the loan term.
    • Bi-monthly or Semi-monthly Payments: Some borrowers have the option to make payments every two weeks or twice a month, which can help in paying off the loan faster.
    • Extra Payments: Borrowers can make additional payments towards their loan principal to reduce the overall interest and shorten the repayment period.
    • Online Payment Services: Polyhouse may offer convenient online platforms for borrowers to make payments, review loan information, and manage their accounts.

It’s important to note that specific interest rates and repayment terms will depend on factors such as the loan type, borrower’s creditworthiness, loan amount, and prevailing market conditions. To get accurate and up-to-date information, it is advisable to contact Polyhouse directly or refer to their website.

Eligibility Criteria for Polyhouse Loans:

To be eligible for a Polyhouse loan, borrowers must meet specific requirements. Here is a detailed overview of the eligibility criteria, howeverincluding factors such as credit score, income level, employment history, and collateral:

  1. Credit Score:

    • Polyhouse considers the borrower’s credit score as an indicator of their creditworthiness.
    • A higher credit score generally improves the chances of loan approval.
    • While specific credit score requirements may vary, a good credit score demonstrates responsible financial behavior and however reduces the risk for the lender.
  2. Income Level:

    • Polyhouse evaluates the borrower’s income level to ensure they have the ability to repay the loan.
    • A steady and sufficient income stream is crucial for loan eligibility.
    • The income requirements may vary based on factors such as the loan type, loan amount, however and the borrower’s debt-to-income ratio.
  3. Employment History:

    • Polyhouse assesses the borrower’s employment history to determine their stability and howeverability to maintain a consistent income.
    • A reliable employment record indicates a lower risk for the lender.
    • The specific employment history requirements may vary based on the loan type and the borrower’s circumstances.
  4. Collateral:

    • Polyhouse may require collateral for certain loan types as security against the loan.
    • Collateral can be an asset such as a property, vehicle, or savings account.
    • The value and type of collateral may vary depending on the loan amount and the specific loan type.
  5. Other Factors:

    • In addition to the abovementioned factors, Polyhouse may consider other criteria, such as the borrower’s age, residency status, and any specific requirements for the loan type being applied for.

It’s important to note that the specific eligibility criteria can vary based on the loan type, loan amount, and individual circumstances. It’s recommended to contact Polyhouse directly or refer to their website for detailed information regarding the eligibility requirements for each loan type.

Loan Approval Process at Polyhouse:

Polyhouse follows a comprehensive loan approval process to assess loan applications. Here is an insight into the steps involved, the evaluation criteria, the time frame for receiving a loan decision, and factors that may impact loan approval:

  1. Application Submission:

    • Borrowers submit their loan applications and the required documentation online or in person at Polyhouse.
  2. Document Verification:

    • Polyhouse reviews the submitted documents to ensure they are complete and accurate.
    • This includes verifying identification, income, employment history, credit reports, collateral details (if applicable), and any additional documentation specific to the loan type.
  3. Credit Evaluation:

    • Polyhouse evaluates the borrower’s creditworthiness based on credit score, credit history, and debt-to-income ratio.
    • A higher credit score and a positive credit history increase the likelihood of loan approval.
  4. Financial Assessment:

    • Polyhouse assesses the borrower’s financial stability and repayment capacity.
    • This includes evaluating income level, however employment history, and overall financial situation.
  5. Collateral Evaluation:

    • If the loan requires collateral, however Polyhouse appraises the collateral to determine its value and feasibility for securing the loan.
  6. Loan Decision:

    • Based on the evaluation of the application, Polyhouse makes a loan decision.
    • The decision can be approved, conditional (with additional requirements), or denied.
    • Conditional approval may require the borrower to provide further documentation or fulfill certain conditions before final approval.
  7. Loan Approval Timeframe:

    • The time it takes to receive a loan decision varies based on factors such as the loan type, the complexity of the application, and the volume of applications being processed.
    • Typically, the loan approval process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.
    • Polyhouse strives to provide timely decisions to borrowers.
  8. Factors Affecting Loan Approval:

    • Several factors can impact the loan approval decision, including:
      • Creditworthiness: A strong credit profile and a good credit score increase the chances of approval.
      • Income and Employment Stability: A steady income and stable employment history demonstrate the ability to repay the loan.
      • Debt-to-Income Ratio: A lower ratio indicates a borrower’s ability to manage debt responsibly.
      • Collateral (if applicable): The value and feasibility of the collateral can impact loan approval.
      • Loan Amount and Purpose: The loan amount and the purpose for which the funds will be used may influence the approval decision.

It’s important to note that the loan approval process and specific criteria can vary depending on the loan type and Polyhouse’s internal policies. however For accurate and up-to-date information, it is advisable to contact Polyhouse directly or refer to their website.

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