Insect Net For Poly House

Insect Net For Poly House

Approx: 35 / Per Square Meter

Minimum order quantity: 100 Sq. mtr.

Features: Use for insect Control

Structure: All Tpye

Built Type: All

Type: HDPE Mono

Gutter Height: Not Requried

Pattern: Shri Ji

Manufactured by: Shri Ji Irrigation

Insect Net For Poly House

  • Insect Net For Poly House is also used in green house & nethouse.
  • Pests and insects cause immense damage to the yield by feeding on or sucking the plant, depositing eggs on the crop and spreading disease.
  • If you’re growing vegetables, you might want to try an insect net for your Polyhouse. One of my favourite ways to use these is as a way to deter birds from feasting on my edible plants.
  • I don’t like it when they peck holes into my tomatoes and raspberries; I cover them with nets and make sure nothing can touch them.

How do the Nets Work?

  • Nethouses: Light Weight frames with poles and cables that support the net.
  • Walk-in Tunnels: completely covered with net, or covered with net and PE sheets.
  • OptiNet is a sophisticated new-generation anti-insect net that integrates physical and optical protection.
Insect Net
Insect Net for Green House

Types of Anti Insect Nets

17-Mesh Net

  • For protection against fruit files (Mediterranean fruit fly and Fig fruit fly) in orchards and vineyards,Grape moth and Pomegranate Deudorix livia.

25-Mesh Net

  • For protection against mediterranean fruit fly in peppers.

40-Mest Net

  • For partial blocking of white flies where climatic conditions do not allow the use of 50 mesh nets.

50- Mesh Net

  • For protection against cucumber & vegetables crop.
Insect Net for Poly house
Material HDPE Mono Insect Net
GSM (+ & – ) 5% 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 125, 135
Uses In Poly house & Shade Net House
Width 3 Meter, 4.2 Meter, 6.2 Meter
Length 100 Meter
Mesh Size 17, 25, 40, 50 Mesh
Color Natural White / Milky
Useful Life 3 – 5 Year


  • Polyester netting which has insecticide bound to the external surface of the netting fibre using a resin; polyethylene which has insecticide incorporated into the fibre and polypropylene which has insecticide incorporated into the fibre.
  • These nets come with a guarantee of 5 Years against UV degradation.

Insect Net Sizes 

  • Weight for 50 Mesh 120 GSM  – 3 Meter x 100 Meter
  • Weight for 40 mesh 110 GSM –  4.2 Meter x 100 Meter


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