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Greenhouse Shade Net

Greenhouse Shade Net


Greenhouse Shade Net are the superior quality which is efficient enough to maintain the optimum temperature and humidity required for the growth of the planted saplings and crops. Our offered net houses are very long lasting and they have the ability to provide the required sunlight and shade even in very hot summers and cold winters.


Greenhouse Shade Net For Poly House

Shade Net For Poly House is also used in green house & nethouse.

Pests and insects cause immense damage to the yield by feeding on or sucking the plant, depositing eggs on the crop and spreading disease.

How do the Nets Work?

  • Nethouses: Light Weight frames with poles and cables that support the net.
  • Greenhouses: Air Vents are covered with nets, or all the greenhouse walls are made of nets.
  • Walk-in Tunnels: completely covered with net, or covered with net and PE sheets.
  • OptiNet is a sophisticated new-generation anti-insect net that integrates physical and optical protection.

Anti Insect Nets:

  • 17-mesh net: For protection against fruit files (Mediterranean fruit fly and Fig fruit fly) in orchards and vineyards,Grape moth and Pomegranate Deudorix livia.
  • 25-mesh net: For protection against mediterranean fruit fly in peppers.
  • 40-mest net: For partial blocking of white flies where climatic conditions do not allow the use of 50 mesh nets.

polyester netting which has insecticide bound to the external surface of the netting fibre using a resin; polyethylene which has insecticide incorporated into the fibre and polypropylene which has insecticide incorporated into the fibre.

These nets come with a guarantee of 5 Years against UV degradation.

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