CPCV Solvent

CPVC Solvent

Approx: 118 / Per Piece

Minimum order quantity: 24 Pcs

Features: Eco Friendly

Structure: Round Type

Built Type: GI

Type: Cpvc

Gutter Height:

Pattern: Shri JI Green

Manufactured by: Shri JI Green

FurtherWhy Use CPVC Solvent for Greenhouse?

CPVC is a product by reacting chlorine and Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC). For greenhouse owners, CPVC has clear advantages. 

Not only is it free of phthalates and very low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds). It is never mix to additives or filler chemicals. Above all the end result is an eco-friendly product that’s also non-toxic to users.

CPVC Solvent for Greenhouse:

Meanwhile, there are other reasons why CPVC should be used as a solvent for applying greenhouse coatings. 

It works well at room temperature using HVLP (high volume/low pressure) spray guns and does not need to cure like conventional paints do. This allows you to make quick progress on your project without having to wait days or weeks before moving on to another part of your job.

Best of all, CPVC is flexible once cured so it won’t crack or become brittle over time. Further, more best Way to Use CPVC for Greenhouse: If you want to get started with a DIY greenhouse coating system, but aren’t sure what kind of paint will work best for your needs, don’t worry—there are several ways to apply these products.

Benefits of CPVC Solvent

Unlike similar products on the market,

  • CPVC Solvent is a pure manufacture from 100% pure chlorinate polyvinyl chloride and does not contain any fillers or additives.
  • Because of its purity, CPVC cleans surfaces better than other cleaning agents while being less harmful to skin.
  • Further, Solvent also leaves a very clean surface after cleaning and has no odor or harsh fumes. Which makes it an ideal choice for organic greenhouses.
Cpvc Solvent
S No. ML Box MRP
1 50 30 (tin) 140
2 118 24(tin) 240
3 237 15(tin) 440
4 500 12(tin) 740
5 1000 6(tin) 1340
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Brand Name
Shri Ji Green
Product Name
Cpvc Solvent
INR 118
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Available in Stock
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