A Basic Introduction to Polyhouse

As technology is evolving with every new day, we have seen drastic changes in the art of farming as well.

What is a Polyhouse

A polyhouse is a type of specialized structure that utilizes the controlled climate condition for the growth of different plants and other farming needs. We use polythene sheets to cover the structure and separate the internal environment from that of the outside.

 Polyhouse  Size

The size of a polyhouse can range from a small-sized barn to that of very large buildings. Mostly 2 size 2000 Square Meter & 4000 Square Meter

Polyhouse Material

1 Gi Pipe  2 Poly House Film 3 Sliding Shade Net 4 Apron Paper 5 Drip Irrigation

Advantages of Polyhouse Farming

Polyhouse farming is becoming the new norm of irrigation. It solved the biggest problems related to farming including those of desert farming as well as low water supply solutions.